who we are
Who are we

NOVA is a company specializing in the field of import and distribution of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment and electrical equipment, our products are distributed throughout the Algerian territory.

Our company has existed in the Algerian market since 2004, leader with the product quality of our internationally recognized partner.

The Nova Business Company's mission is to support its customers everywhere, wherever they are, to enable them to create value and optimize their operations, by offering them a range of sustainable and innovative products and services in the world of business. areas of automation, technical expertise and energy management.

Thanks to our unique ability to combine a national network with a local presence, we offer our customers the same level of service for all their activities, whatever they are and whatever their needs.

Our products range

Our company has a wide range of products that can satisfy all your needs

 -  Projectors: large-area outdoor lighting (stadium, quarry, construction site) normal or Led.

 -  Ceiling lamp: administration lighting and showroom. normal or LED.

 -  Luminaires and diffusers for industrial lighting: lighting for your sheds and factories. Normal or Led

 -  Wall and Beacon: Architectural lighting interior and exterior gardens -houses- hotels and administrations with normal light or led.

 -  Pool and garden spot: with normal light and led.

 -  Posts and Luminaires: for lighting of your road / highway tunnel large surface and boulevard with normal light or led.

 -  Optical signage: for airport / port, refinery and major projects.

 -  Low voltage electrical equipment: all equipment of electrical installations.